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Back in December, Nintendo announced a new amiibo Tag Tournament mode would be coming soon to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not much was revealed beyond a January release date, which came and went without any updates. However, on the day of Sora’s release, we finally received a bit more detail on the new mode.



According to a tweet from the Smash Bros. Twitter account, a new SPECIAL game mode will be added starting on March 1st, which will allow you to “Compete with your amiibo in a Tag Tournament.” Exactly how that will work is yet to be seen, but it’s exciting to see amiibo get the spotlight once more!

We here at Nintendo Wire / Amiibo News are no strangers to Amiibo Tournaments. In fact, our very own Hero TJ has hosted several extremely popular amiibo tournaments called Mii V Mii, which aired for three seasons. You can check them out on YouTube if you want a little inspiration before the new mode is added.



Stay tuned to Nintendo Wire for more details on this new mode as we get them!


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Written by Jason Ganos

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