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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is officially five years old today, and to celebrate, Nintendo has announced some exciting plans for early 2024. Masahiro Sakurai himself has chimed in with news that an event taking place in January will add some brand new Spirits to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Translated (via Google) the tweet and its follow up read: 

“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” is celebrating its 5th anniversary today!

Has it been that long? It’s been so long.

thank you very much.”


“It seems that an event with new spirits will be held here (starting in January).

What game is it from?

A follow-up tweet also mentions amiibo “tag tournaments” will be available in January 2024, where you can challenge amiibo that you have raised. Not sure what to expect exactly from that event, but anything amiibo-related is all right with us!

We’re looking forward to additional content coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, even if it is just a few more spirits, and we’ll keep you updated with more news as it comes! And don’t forget! Nintendo has also announced that a the Sora amiibo is also coming home on February 16th to close out the Smash Ultimate amiibo line up. Read more about it right here:

Sora amiibo unlocks our hearts on February 16th, ending the Super Smash Bros. era

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