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Update – The Xbox Podcast is now live. Watch below:


For anyone confused about why Nintendo Wire is covering news of an Xbox podcast, don’t assume the worst. We aren’t becoming a third-party website, but Microsoft might be taking its Xbox brand third-party. Over the past few weeks, there has been a ton of speculation about whether or not Microsoft will be pulling out of the console market and shifting solely to software. We even saw some files in the latest Hi-Fi Rush update that indicated the game would head to Switch and PS5!



As announced on the official Xbox Twitter account, Phil Spencer (CEO of Xbox Gaming), Sarah Bond (President of Xbox), and Matt Booty (Head of Xbox Game Studios) will be sitting down for a podcast that discusses the future of the Xbox business. Set to premiere on February 15, 2024, at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET/8 pm GMT, this is likely where we’re going to find out if Microsoft will be bringing its titles to other platforms.

But Microsoft games are already on Switch!

A lot of you may be pointing to Xbox titles that have already made the jump to switch. Both of the Ori games have found a home on Nintendo’s hybrid console and Cuphead is even available. Hi-Fi Rush is probably going to be released this week and Minecraft has been a staple of Nintendo consoles since the Wii U. What else could Switch players want?


Well, one of the most popular rumors over the last few years has been the presence of Xbox Game Pass on Switch. While I wouldn’t put too much stock in that happening, there is potential for a limited version of the service to hit Switch. Microsoft could also leverage its cloud gaming infrastructure to offer the entire catalog of Game Pass games to Switch owners. That would certainly be impressive.

Whatever does happen, this podcast will deliver the answer we’ve all been waiting for. For my money, I could see Microsoft bringing its titles to other platforms while still producing consoles of its own. The Xbox Series X does have some unique features that even the PS5 doesn’t contain (such as Quick Resume), so there could still be a reason for people to pick an Xbox over the competition.

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