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Tango Gameworks’ critically acclaimed Hi-Fi Rush just celebrated its first anniversary with a brand new update that added some cool in-game shirts. Released across Xbox platforms and PC last year, the latest update has a specific shirt to represent the platform you’re playing on. For Xbox, players will get a green shirt that says “SHADOW DROPPED,” referencing how the game was announced during an Xbox presentation and released minutes later. On Steam, players can now don a shirt that says, “BE POSITIVE* *Overwhelmingly,” representing how Steam user reviews work.

Image posted on r/hifirush and r/gamingleaksandrumors on reddit.

That’s all fine and dandy and makes sense. Where the Switch information comes in is with regards to some other shirts. Not available on Xbox or PC, but still hidden within the files, are shirts that allude to PlayStation, the Epic Games Store, and Switch. In what has to be a nod to Switch’s portability, a red shirt with the words, “ROCK OUT ANYWHERE,” is present.

Rock Out on the Road

As discovered by users on Reddit, you can see the collection of new shirts added in the anniversary update. Why these files are available across all platforms is anyone’s guess (likely a stability thing), but it wouldn’t make much sense to have a shirt referencing the Switch’s unique hybrid design and then not release the game on Nintendo’s platform. There is also no way a shirt that reads, “THIS IS SIMPLY UNREAL EPIC!,” isn’t referring to Epic’s launcher.

Earlier this year, there were rumors that Microsoft would be bringing one of its exclusives to other platforms soon. Most people assumed that meant Hi-Fi Rush as the game is basically perfect for every platform. It runs incredibly well, has a beautiful art style, and is loaded with the kind of style that feels like a sixth-generation game. Despite being funded by Microsoft, it doesn’t have an Xbox identity, so to speak.

Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny this, but we’ll likely be updating this article in a matter of hours to give you the good news.

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Written by Peter Glagowski

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