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Originally scheduled to be aired during Nintendo Live, The Legend of Zelda Orchestra concert at Tokyo 2024 has been uploaded to Nintendo’s YouTube account for fans to enjoy. Running just under 30 minutes and containing songs mostly from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, the concert is a brisk watch that will likely bring tears to your eyes if you’ve yet to see Zelda music performed live.

Personally, the biggest highlight of this specific concert is the Link’s Awakening Medley (which starts at 9:13 in the video). Taken almost entirely from the re-recorded soundtrack for the 2019 Switch remake, it’s astonishing to hear these themes performed live. Link’s Awakening did feature in past Zelda Symphony concerts, but only as interpretations based on the 8-bit original tunes.

Why was Nintendo Live canceled?

Meant to be performed in front of a live audience, Nintendo had canceled its plans for “Nintendo Live 2024” back in December of 2023 over safety concerns. In an official statement, the company stated it had to cancel the performances due to “persistent threats targeting our employees.” As part of a two-day showcase, both The Legend of Zelda and Splatoon were set to receive performances.

Tokyo’s Nintendo Live 2024 event has been cancelled

While fans won’t be able to attend these concerts this year, Nintendo is bound to put on more shows in the future. The original Zelda Symphony was meant for a few nights in both Tokyo and Los Angeles, but popular demand made the show go on tour. Since then, we’ve had numerous opportunities to watch and listen to professional orchestras perform these classic tunes.

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Written by Peter Glagowski

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