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The nostalgia for 90s cartoons, movies and video games has come to the forefront of the pop culture zeitgeist the last few years. Just look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, a “sequel” to the 90s SNES classic Turtles In Time. Among many other big names like G.I. Joe and Power Rangers, Rugrats, Nickelodeon’s golden era childhood favorite, are getting a new ‘old’ video game.

Rugrats: Adventures In Gameland looks, walks and talks like an NES 2D platformer, but with 2024 convenience and sensibilities. If you aren’t keen on the 8-bit look, presto chango! The game can switch to a ‘Modern’ HD hand-drawn animated look that makes the game look like a Rugrats episode that you get to play through.

Adventures in Gameland looks to mimic the length of an NES game as well. We can look forward to 6 levels full of baby-powered antics. In typical Rugrats fashion, the settings for these levels are fantastical takes on everyday life. A fridge becomes an ice cream factory, sandboxes look more like a perilous oasis and the attic resembles a spooky haunted house.

Playing on the imaginations of kids everywhere always made Rugrats relatable to both kids and their parents. Adventures In Gameland is smart to build on this for its gameplay for both new and old generations of families. If you take one look at a screenshot from the game, you’d be fooled into thinking you played this growing up. That’s the mission statement of The MIX (Media Indie Exchange) Games, who are going so far as to create an actual NES cartridge release of Adventures in Gameland that can be purchased through Limited Run Games.

No exact release date has been revealed for Rugrats: Adventures In Gameland but the game is confirmed to be releasing on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch, in March. That’s just one month away, so we don’t have long to wait!

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Written by Matthew Powers

Nintendo has been Matthew’s preference for fun video gaming since 2004. In addition to his love for all things Mario, Metroid and beyond, Matthew also enjoys heavy metal, roller coasters, pinball machines, and being a proud cat dad.