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Ah, Nintendo rumors – is there anything more thrilling and annoying all at the same time? While many rumors in this realm turn out to be certified BS, occasionally, a leaker emerges who consistently gets it right. I’m referring, of course, to Pyoro_X. In the last several months, Pyoro has taken to Twitter to hint at releases, and to the best of my knowledge, each tease has proven accurate every time.

This time, Pyoro has conveyed a brief three-word message, but its meaning is crystal clear. “GBA this time” is all he wrote, responding to a thread of other Nintendo Switch Online leaks that he has accurately predicted in the past. Historically, Nintendo has unveiled new NSO titles on Thursday evenings, so all indications suggest an announcement later this evening.

Which Game Boy Advance games could be coming to Nintendo Switch Online?

Back in February 2023, Nintendo provided a brief update on NSO, offering a glimpse of some upcoming titles for the service. The revealed titles were Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Fire Emblem, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, and Golden Sun. With Amazing Mirror and Fire Emblem already released, it seems beyond likely that either Golden Sun, F-Zero, or both are bound for the Switch tonight! Who knows, Nintendo might have some New Year’s magic in store and surprise us with additional releases. Only time will tell. Personally, I am praying to the Sea God it’s Golden Sun!

So what? Is Golden Sun even all that good?

First of all, watch your mouth! Golden Sun is one of, if not the best handheld RPGs of the era. Created by the legendary Camelot Studios, the same studio that brought you iconic characters like, oh, I don’t know… WALUIGI! Waluigi aside, Camelot has produced some of the most iconic titles on the GBA and N64, including Mario Golf, Tennis, and, of course, Golden Sun 1 and 2.

For those of you out of the loop, Golden Sun is a fantasy RPG that adheres to the good old-fashioned turn-based combat. It boasts one heck of a soundtrack and an extremely memorable cast of characters. If you’re new to the franchise, I highly recommend checking out the trailer above to get a better idea of what to expect.

Golden Sun Password. This is 1/6 of the password you need to enter. No joke!

To grasp the full story of Golden Sun, you also need to complete its GBA sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. However, Nintendo has not given any indication that the sequel would be available on the service. This would be an absolute shame because, upon completion of the first title, you receive a comically large code that you can input into Golden Sun 2. This code transfers some of your character stats and items, making the game feel like a continuation, rather than just a disconnected sequel.

Which ever title is released, I’m sure we can all agree we hope it’s not just F-Zero: Maximum Velocity.

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Written by Jason Ganos

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