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It’s official! Nintendo has confirmed that the much-anticipated Golden Sun and its sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, will be available to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass members starting January 17th via the Game Boy Advance app. Check out the trailer below and prepare for an exciting RPG adventure!



For those unfamiliar with the series, Golden Sun is set in a fictional world where adepts, individuals who can manipulate elemental forces known as Psynergy, embark on quests to prevent the unleashing of destructive elemental powers. All in all, it’s a pretty fantastic game with a traditional RPG battle system if that sort of thing is you cup of tea.


So what? Is Golden Sun even all that good?


First of all, watch your mouth! Golden Sun is one of, if not the best handheld RPGs of the era. Created by the legendary Camelot Studios, the same studio that brought you iconic characters like, oh, I don’t know… WALUIGI! Waluigi aside, Camelot has produced some of the most iconic titles on the GBA and N64, including Mario Golf, Tennis, and, of course, Golden Sun 1 and 2.

For those of you out of the loop, Golden Sun is a fantasy RPG that adheres to the good old-fashioned turn-based combat. It boasts one heck of a soundtrack and an extremely memorable cast of characters.



To grasp the full story of Golden Sun, you also need to complete its GBA sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Luckily, those who complete the first Golden Sun, receive a comically large code that they can enter in The Lost Age. This code transfers some of your character stats and items, making the game feel like a continuation, rather than just a disconnected sequel. Luckily for those who don’t feel like spending 15 minutes entering a password, Nintendo has confirmed that they have emulated link cable support to make entering the password optional.


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