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One of the many perks for those with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is access to special profile icons bought with Platinum Points. However, they’re usually available for a limited time only, so if you missed out on getting a couple icons from your favorite games you’re generally out of luck. Fear not however! Avatars from past installments are making a return until January 9th.

The available options will cycle through daily, with each game in the lineup appearing twice. The full schedule, as provided by u/Amiibofan101 on Reddit, goes as follows: 


  • December 25th and January 1st – WarioWare Move It!
  • December 26th and January 2nd – Metroid Prime Remastered
  • December 27th and January 3rd – Fire Emblem Engage
  • December 28th and January 4th – Detective Pikachu Returns
  • December 29th and January 5th – Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe
  • December 30th and January 6th – Pikmin Series
  • December 31st and January 7th – Super Mario RPG



If any of these options sound fun, be sure to check on the available days. It is unknown whether or not these icons will become available again after this, so be sure not to miss out!


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Written by Abbie Maxwell

Lifelong Nintendo fangirl, Abbie holds a special place in her heart for video games. She has always strived to provide tips and tricks to make the experiences of those who share her passions that much better.