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No matter who you ask, it’s fair to say that The Super Mario Bros. Movie was a massive success. Grossing $1.36 billion, it had the biggest worldwide opening weekend for an animated film ever, and currently stands as Illumination’s highest-grossing movie they have ever produced. It’s no surprise then that more Nintendo features are in the works, including a live-action Zelda movie. With all of this in mind, an important question must be asked: will these universes stay separate, or feature crossover events much like the Marvel cinematic universe? 

According to DanielkRpk (via Resetera), a source known for providing early information on upcoming movies and media, a Super Smash Bros. style film has been pitched by Illumination to Nintendo. It isn’t known yet if Nintendo has agreed to the idea, but if they do, it’s fairly reasonable to expect more franchises to receive their own media as well.

That being said, there are undeniably some fairly major obstacles in the way of such a project. Licensing issues aside, The Super Mario Bros. Movie and the in-development Legend of Zelda movie are produced by different studios entirely, so even if Nintendo agrees, there will have to be coordination between the studios. 

For now it is probably safest to take all of this information with a grain of salt, but remain optimistic that it does come to fruition. At the very least, it is undeniable that more Nintendo film projects are coming, so that’s something to look forward to!


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Written by Abbie Maxwell

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