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Just a few days ago on the ESRB website, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD received an “E – For Everyone” rating. While that isn’t noteworthy by itself – the original Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was also rated E on 3DS – it does signal one thing: this new Switch port is very close to releasing.

Nintendo currently has an unspecified mid-2024 slate listed for this upcoming remaster, but the ESRB typically doesn’t rate games until they are close to going gold. We are talking about Nintendo, however, so there’s every chance that the game is already finished and the company is simply waiting for the right time to unleash it on the world. It’s hard to understand what decisions the company makes at times.

Here is the full description from the ESRB for you to mull over. Surprisingly, it differs from the original Dark Moon rating.

This is an adventure game in which players assume the role of Luigi as he retrieves mysterious artifacts. Players search haunted houses while using a flashlight and vacuum pack to suck up objects and capture ghosts. Some ghosts can punch Luigi, causing him to cry out, blink, and collapse to the ground. Other sequences allow players to shoot seeds at mice and launch cartoony bombs at enemy creatures.

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Written by Peter Glagowski

Peter has been a freelance gaming and film critic for over seven years. His passion for Nintendo is only matched by the size of his collection.