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During an internal presentation to management last week, Sega gave some extra information on the upcoming slate of reboots it has in store. For those unfamiliar or that may have forgotten, Sega had a sizzle reel at this year’s The Game Awards that announced the company would be working on brand new-entries for Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Crazy Taxi, and Golden Axe. Now, we have some details on what it hopes to achieve with each game.

Sega is clearly hoping to recapture the essence of what made these series so special in the first place. Jet Set Radio, for instance, reads, “Experience the ‘rebellion’ movement that feels free in a suffocating society. Make friends, increase your fans, and create a movement!” That is JSR to a tee.




Interestingly, there is no information on which teams are developing each title. For many, Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games set a ludicrously high bar of expectation with 2020’s Streets of Rage 4. If Sega doesn’t have that trio working on one of these reboots, that would be a crying shame.

We’re bound to get more information in 2024, so we’ll just need to be patient for now. At the very least, Sega is committed to resurrecting some of its most popular legacy IP in a way that will hopefully please veteran fans.


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Written by Peter Glagowski

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