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With Splatoon 3’s Drizzle Season 2023 winding down, Nintendo of America has offered a first look at the upcoming Chill Season 2023, launching on December 1st. The preview comes in the form of a brand-new Chirpy Chirps music video, and features some of the upcoming content from the season. 

It looks like new stages will be added to Splatoon 3 in Chill Season 2023, the new food-themed Robo ROM-en and Bluefin Depot, returning from the first Splatoon after being missing for the second installment. The music video also shows some new weapons and gear, including a new Special Weapon: the Splattercolor Screen that throws up a giant ink wall wherever it lands.

If you want to get some fresh eyes on the updates yourself before Chill Season 2023 begins on the first of the month, you can check out the music video below:



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