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Amidst rumor after rumor of a Switch successor, the general populace is still buying up Switch consoles. Released this morning, Nintendo’s financial report for the six month period ending on September 30th, 2023 shared that the Nintendo Switch has reached a whopping 132.46 million units sold, bringing it ever closer to the Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2 lifetime sales numbers of 154 million and 155 million, respectively.



Could the Switch reach the heights of the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation 2? Time will tell, but it’s likely going to be a tall order to sell over 20 million more consoles. Sales could be boosted in the rest of the fiscal year by the plethora of special edition consoles released recently, like the Animal Crossing Switch Lite Bundles, and on the horizon, like the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch OLED. If Nintendo ever decides the Switch family of consoles needs a price cut, sales could also receive a boost.


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Written by Jaxson Tapp

As a lover of gaming and the written word, Jaxson currently fills his time not only with playing games, but also writing about them. Ready for anything, Jaxson’s passion for puzzle games, JRPGs, tough platformers, and whimsical indies helps him bring a well-rounded opinion to Nintendo Wire’s reporting.