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Rumors and leaks regarding the Nintendo Switch’s inevitable successor have been becoming more prominent over the past few months and now Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry have taken a look at one of the more concrete clues – the Nvidia processor that might well be powering it.

While the company’s rumored internal T239 isn’t specifically tied to the Switch successor just yet, plenty of evidence collated from leaks, Nvidia’s Linux distribution, and LinkedIn profiles suggest as much. With this in mind, Digital Foundry have taken a similarly specced machine, the Dell Vostro 5630, to see what it could be capable of.

While the laptop isn’t one-to-one with the likely Switch, it suggests it will be quite the powerful device, in-keeping with reports from this year’s Gamescom. Death Stranding, for example, ran over 30fps at 1080p, with DLSS upscaling from lower resolutions allowing for even better frame rates.

Digital Foundry does note that the chip would be much larger than the Tegra X1 found in the current Switch which would mean a better cooling system would need to be utilized, suggesting a bulkier system in general.

Of course there is plenty of technical info you can dive into in Digital Foundry’s own article on the matter, we’ve only provided a simplified summary, so be sure to give it a read if you’re intrigued as to what could be in store!

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Written by Tom Brown

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