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A lot of Tears of the Kingdom players have constructed some truly wild and fun vehicles, but most have the stipulation that Link needs to… y’know, be in the vehicle to pilot it. That’s what makes this remote control airplane from Reddit user miohonda so exciting – it’s an aircraft that Link pilots from the ground with the help of fuse entangled shock emitters.


I made a remote control airplane!
by u/miohonda in HyruleEngineering


“Many engineers might know that fuse entangled shock emitters will electrify the shield no matter the distance,” says miohonda in the comments. “But what about shrine batteries? Turns out they do the same thing, but only in water. I attached entangled shields to the motors to serve as electric recievers [sic], when the corresponding battery touches water, it will activate and create thrust.”


It’s a clever and insane bit of craftsmanship that with a little bit of tweaking could make for a truly awe-inspiring vehicle – though requiring water in the setup means it can only be used in specific situations and contexts. We’ll have to see what other location-specific contraptions the people cook up next.


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