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Update (9/13/23): The Ice Pikmin and Oatchi plushes are listed over at Play-Asia right now. Please note that their stock may fluctuate so please check back if one or more are out of stock. And remember, you can save 5% on orders over $20 with the code NWIRE23 at checkout!



As a stuffed animal enjoyer, I know that commanding an army of plushies is quite akin to Olimar and other space captains directing a squad of Pikmin (minus, y’know, the whole “sentience” thing). And if you want to take control of your own Pikmin plushie force, Sanei’s got you covered with a collection of little guys from across the series. That collection is expanding in September, with Pikmin 4’s Oatchi and Ice Pikmin being added to the lineup.



The Ice Pikmin is going for about ¥1,980 (~$14), while Oatchi retails for ¥3,300 (~$23). Both are slated for release in mid-September. Pikmin 4 releases on July 21st.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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