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It was recently discovered that striking stakes in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom produces a pitch, and different lengths of stake (and attachment of other stakes to them) changes the sound. With this in mind, it’s possible to create contraptions that play musical phrases. And scores of players are now utilizing the tech to recreate many a melody. We’ve compiled several here for your listening pleasure:

First, @noteabletony tries a hand at the Fairy Fountain theme:



Then we have @maxotunes playing the Nocturne of Shadow… by Kakariko Village, naturally.



User @kabukichi00 goes even more elaborate with their Song of Storms recreation, which uses video editing:



And @kody_botw changes things up by freehanding their laser to recreate the Stable Theme/Epona’s Song right alongside the actual game track:



Musical compositions aren’t limited just to Zelda tunes, of course. Check out this recreation of Haddaway’s What is Love from @superpixel_games:



How to recreate your favourite music in #tearsofthekingdom #zeldatotk #zelda

♬ Ocarina Of Time Theme (From “The Legend Of Zelda”) – Gaming World


And @noteabletony returns with the most awaited track of all:



We can’t wait to see what other musical creations are in store, considering this is an impressive slate right off the bat. Go forth and produce, young musicians of Hyrule!


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