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Calculators are deceptively simple devices, built from base blocks of binary sequences in 0s and 1s. They look complicated at the basest levels, but really it’s just about determining whether certain functions are a “yes” or “no.” And user c7fab has built a version of a calculator using The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Zonai devices.



This set of logic gates is known as an “adder,” which is a digital circuit that performs the addition of numbers and serves as the basest computational form for countless computers. This adder is one-bit and base-two, meaning it can create four different end results: 00 (0), 01 (1), 10 (2), and 11 (3). c7fab took three hours to figure out how to construct it, previously building a half adder (which he believed was the most that could be done at first).



Due to the game’s 21-object build limit, this is the most complex computing that can be constructed. However, if that build limit didn’t exist, it would be theoretically possible to build an actual, functioning computer in Tears of the Kingdom. How wild is that?



Source: Kotaku


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