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Dead Cells is a massively successful indie game, recently crossing the ten million copies milestone – and soon, it will receive an honor very few independent titles have received: an animated adaptation.



Made by Bobbypills, the same studio that animated the game’s trailers, the series is set to have ten episodes each around roughly seven minutes long. The YouTube description provides a summary:


“[…]the show takes place on (surprise, surprise) a cursed island that has been racked by a strange plague. After the island’s foolish king develops a remedy that ends up turning the population into monstrous creatures, prophecies depicting a flame-headed hero who will kill the crazy King begin to appear. As it so happens, this beheaded hero is real, but saving a kingdom isn’t on his schedule and he just wants to be left alone. Well, guess who isn’t going to be left alone…”


The series is set to premier sometime in 2024, premiering on French streaming service ADN before being made available worldwide. We’ll be sure to provide more details when the time comes. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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