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Hudson – a visage that inspires countless emotions: admiration, spite, exasperation. But the face of Hudson depicted on signs across Hyrule actually isn’t the one necessarily reflected in the core text, as u/PhoebeD137 reveals with the Biblically Accurate Hudson, a being of four faces that spins and emits fire in an infernal wheel. Look upon it and despair:


Biblically Accurate Hudson
by u/PhoebeD137 in tearsofthekingdom


As a casual Biblical scholar, I would like to point out that the term “Biblically Accurate Hudson” is a slight misnomer, as there are actually several different variants of Hudsons in the Bible. This particular one appears based on Throne Hudsons, full of rims that shoot fire from its many heads. While base Hudsons are typically what we think of, with their large domed heads and steely gazes, there are Power Hudsons who wrestle against cosmic evils with flaming swords, Seraphim Hudsons with six wings that are covered in eyes, and even Cherubim Hudsons with four faces: one human, one Lynel, one Rito, and one Moblin. Truly, many Hudsons to study in detail. We’re certain that Tears of the Kingdom players will replicate all their searing glories someday.


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