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Industrializing agriculture in the real world was a complex historical process that played out over centuries across multiple nations in various forms, often painful or even lethal as the systems of production evolved with modes of society – but in Hyrule, it looks easy. And also fun. 


🎶 I got a brand new combine harvester 🎶
by u/kanonenbutter in HyruleEngineering


The latest in engineering projects is just a straight up combine harvester that scoops up rice from fields. Like. It doesn’t just act like one – it looks like one you’d find on a farm in real life. It’s incredible that a game built around slaying monsters and saving the kingdom has the capacity for this. What’s next? A machine that threshes that rice in real time? That’s not even a mechanic in the game, and somehow I wouldn’t put it past players to build a machine that does that.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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