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One of the most popular returning characters in Tears of the Kingdom has to be Purah, who sorted out her de-aging goofery from Breath of the Wild to become a tall, rather fetching adult. Fans have taken notice with a lot of fawning fanart, and one particularly talented fan has gone a step farther: rigging Purah’s TotK model with facial tracking to be a Vtuber model.


Everyone LOVES Purah, so I did the unthinkable and rigged her with face tracking, and made her a Vtubing model! (I only did this to flex my rigging skills lol dont hate)
by u/Capn_Cinnamon in tearsofthekingdom


It’s a valiant effort, with some bells and whistles like being able to remove her goggles and glasses, or even changing her hair color to become a totally original, non-copyright infringing character. It comes with the disclaimer that “I only did this to flex my rigging skills lol dont hate,” emphasizing it’s for fun and a test of skill more so than anything commercial or somehow nefarious. It’s an impressive job, and we wonder if any other characters from the game will receive the same treatment from similarly dedicated fans.


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