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Over a year after halting operations, Nintendo’s eShop in Russia is effectively being permanently canned – Nintendo of Europe announced it would be halting eShop sales in Russia from today, May 31st. The company states that customers can redownload previously purchased games and DLC from the eShop, but they won’t be able to make purchases or use download codes going forward.

The Russian eShop has been non-functional for over a year – after Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine, several multinational companies pulled out of the nation, including third-party payment providers. This led to eShop payment suspensions, followed by Nintendo halting shipments and operations in the country. Now over a year later, it looks like the company is officially pulling the plug. Though Russians will likely procure Nintendo games by other means… we’ll have to see if the situation develops any further from here.



Source: Game Developer


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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