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The trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Future Redeemed DLC suddenly dropped yesterday, shocking Xenoblade fans with just about every iota of visual information to process possible. Fortunately, the official Xenoblade Twitter is here to post details on the new prequel and its characters, with some translations by the unofficial @XenobladeEN (thank you all!)

The main character of the DLC is Matthew, a straightforward young man with a tendency to rush into things without thinking. He works with the City, a group dedicated to standing against Moebius, and he’s on the lookout for his sister Na’el. Framing in the trailer suggests that he’s likely Noah and Mio’s son (or descendent).



Na’el is Matthew’s sister, a kindhearted young woman who cares for the City’s children. She’s missing due to a series of mysterious events, and her appearance at one point in the trailer comes with a shocking new look. She’s not playable, but she will factor heavily in the story.



A is a calm wielder of a thin red sword who fights alongside Matthew. Her levelheaded judgment complements Matthew’s leap-before-you-think attitude quite well. She also bears an extremely striking resemblance to Alvis from the first Xenoblade Chronicles, though the connection between the two is currently unclear.



Nikol is a Kevesi soldier with a knack for mechanics. He’s usually reserved, but gets extremely passionate when talking about machines, and fights with mechanical arms instead of a blade. His resemblance to Shulk has lead some fans to speculate that he’s Shulk and Fiora’s son.



Glimmer is an Agnian soldier who fights with a stringed cane. She has a strong and blunt personality, and tends to act in her self-interest without regard for the world around her. Her resemblance to Pyra has lead some fans to speculate she’s Rex and Pyra’s daughter.



Hey, we know this bleach-blonde hero! Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles is back, looking much older and wiser than in his youth. He’s lost his right arm along the way, meaning he can only wield his Monado-like sword in his left arm (mirroring his predecessor, Dunban). Let’s see if he can change the future once more…



We know this fella, too! Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is also back, having hit the gym in his older years. He dual wields two blades, despite having lost his left eye in battle at one point – his outfit is reminiscent of his onetime mentor Vandham. We’ll have to see if he can forge a better world this time around…



Last but not least is… well, we don’t know his name. He LOOKS a lot like Alvis from the first Xenoblade, albeit washed out and without emotion. Given Alvis’ true identity in that game, one can speculate many causes or justifications as to who this is, especially given the presence of A. What’s going on, exactly…?



Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed releases April 25th.


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