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The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass is approaching its climax, featuring a new and original story scenario. Previously teased, we now have a full trailer of the DLC story, and a rapidly approaching release date. While the prospect of expanding on the plot lines of 3 (and the series as a whole) are most tantalizing, there’re a couple returning characters from past entries that really make this one worth checking out. 



Yes, both Shulk and Rex are joining in, with aged up designs and seemingly all the prowess they’d built in their own games. While they’d be seen/inferred before, having the two of them standing alongside a whole new party of characters definitely counts as showing a thing or three. 

Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Redeemed will arrive on April 25th as the final part of the game’s $29.99 Expansion Pass. Announced alongside this trailer were both the release date for the Pyra and Mythra amiibo two-pack, and two all-new Xenoblade Chronicles 3 amiibo for Noah and Mio


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Written by Ricky Berg

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