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Nintendo makes some of the most beloved and polished games in the entire world for folks to enjoy, but they can be notoriously tight-lipped and vicious to those who reveal secrets (or upload OSTs on YouTube, apparently). And now, the company that once held genuine yakuza ties (not relevant, just always fun to mention) is in pursuit of the person who leaked the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom art book on Discord back in February, attempting to learn their identity via a California court subpoena.

Nintendo jumped on the leak almost as soon as it happened, sending a DMCA notice to Discord on February 21st (one day after the leak broke on February 20th) requesting a takedown of six URLs in the “Tears of the Kingdom Official Discord Server” containing leaked images. While Discord responded promptly that the images would be removed, Nintendo followed up several hours later trying to get the whole Discord server taken down, highlighting certain users as “PDF Pirate[s]” who sourced the images, and also objected to the server using “Official” in its title despite it not being run by Nintendo. Discord gave a warning to the server roughly a day later, but told Nintendo that if it was worried about “potential consumer confusion” the company should file a trademark complaint.

Well, now Ninty is filing a DMCA subpoena in a California district court, hoping to force Discord to disclose the identity (including name, address, and phone number) of “Julien#2743,” who is singled out for posting the leaks. Info around the web suggests this is the server owner, and potentially even the person who originally posted the content.

It’s all pretty expected of Nintendo given their reputation, though we’ll still have to see how the saga unfolds. Tears of the Kingdom launches May 12th. You can acquire the art book via the collector’s edition. 


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