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It’s been several months since Sonic Frontiers sped onto the scene, and now the game is getting its first free content update of 2023 – the Sight, Sounds, and Speed update adds a handful of new features for fans of the game looking to speed along into this year.

After beating the main story campaign, you’ll be able to access the game’s new challenge modes Cyber Space Challenge (a time-attack where you complete multiple Cyber Space stages in a row) and Battle Rush (a timed battle where you fight waves of enemies, Guardians, and Titans). You’ll also be able to access Photo Mode from the pause menu to take snapshots of your adventure, and listen to up to 53 songs on the way with the all new Jukebox. 

The free update releases this Wednesday, March 22nd, at 5pm PT for all consoles. Don’t miss out!


Cyber Space Challenge


Battle rush


Photo mode




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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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