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Inkoming! The long-awaited v.3.0.0 patch for Splatoon 3 drops today, finally bringing the Inkopolis DLC and Fresh Season 2023 update to the game. The detailed additions include the following:


  • Inkopolis DLC
  • Fresh Season 2023 on March 1st 
  • New catalog
  • About 126 new items
  • Stages Uma’mi Ruins and Manta Maria
  • Special Weapons Kraken Royale and Super Chump
  • 12 sets of weapon loadouts
  • 23 Tableturf Battle cards
  • Online Tableturf Battles
  • Tradeable Grizzco prizes
  • Pool feature
  • Horrorboros Boss Salmonid
  • Lobby Jukebox
  • Various weapon buffs/debuffs


Be sure to check out the full patch notes for the breakdown. The update releases today, with Fresh Season going live on Wednesday


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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