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Update 2 (2/23/23): Another day, another slate of deets! First on the weapon docket is the Tri-Slosher Nouveau, a drink-based bonanza that can cover wide areas with Fizzy Bombs and offer buffs with Tacticooler. Meanwhile, the Neo Sploosh-o-matic specializes in close quarters ambushes, using Squid Beakons to find enemy positions and the Killer Wail 5.1 to blast in a long but narrow line.



Lobbies are also getting a jukebox – just pop in a hundred coins to pick a track. If you’re in a Private Battle, you can even pick the song that plays. Show off your good taste, lest you have the Aux ripped from you.



And last for the day, you can now play Tableturf Battles online against other players. Up to ten players (eight if you’re in the Shoal) can join one room and sit down from one another to battle. There are also 23 new cards for the sub game coming in the update, so get your decks ready for the Tableturf Wars!




(Update: 2/22/23): And another day later, we have more ink to spill! First up is the return of the Manta Maria, a swashbuckling boat whose masts, scaffolds, and crannies provide many a tactical possibility. Just remember to pack a life jacket. (Disclaimer: it won’t actually let your Inkling/Octoling survive water.)



And there’s some new weapon loadouts as well. The Neo Splash-o-matic is outfitted with Suction Bombs to help coverage or direct your enemies where you want to splat them, and a Triple Inkstrike to rain fury from far and above. And the Custom Jet Squelcher can slow down enemies with Poison Mist and the Inkstorm, leaving them sitting ducks for longrange takedowns with the main weapon.




Original article: Splatoon 3 continues its rollout of details for the upcoming Fresh Season 2023 update at the beginning of March. First is introducing an all new stage in the Egypt-inspired Um’ami Ruins, an ancient site which may have been home to prehistoric Turf Wars. Cranes, scaffolds, and barriers line what appears to be a relatively small and narrow stage.



There’s also new weapon variants. First is the L-3 Nozzlenose D, which comes with Burst Bombs to soften up enemies before popping them, with an Ultra Stamp to help stampede onward. There’s also the Rapid Blaster Deco, whose Torpedo sub helps you weaken foes from afar while its Inkjet special allows you to gain some vertical ground.




Last but not least we have the addition of “Pools,” a new matchmaking feature essentially equivalent to a sub-lobby. Input a unique set of numbers or characters, and you’ll join a Pool with others who have inputted the same thing. You can send and receive notifications to fellow Pool members and also invite them to join battles.



Fresh Season 2023 releases on March 1st as a free update for Splatoon 3.


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