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(Update: 2/17/23): The Splatoon account is back with another preview of an upcoming weapon that’ll debut during the Fresh Season update. Inklings and Octolings, it’s time to get a look at the Super Chump, a weapon that is sure to help you when you Super Jump. The SC will launch decoys that look just like Super Jump landing spots, but they’ll take out your enemies by exploding soon after! Have a look:




Ready your spring fits – Splatoon 3’s next seasonal update, “Fresh Season 2023,” is hitting on March 1st, just after the game adds Inkopolis in its first DLC wave. The update will bring the usual seasonal additions of weapons, gears, a new catalog, and more, some of which has been detailed already:



First is the new Special, the Kraken Royale, an upgraded version of the Kraken from the original Splatoon. The powerful and invincible transformation now comes with a spin move and a oneshotting charge with ZR, though attacks upon it still generate knockback. Be slippery and sly as you plow through enemies.




The Kraken Royale comes with the Krak-On Splat Roller, which also includes the Squid Beakon sub weapon. Charge into enemy territory and wreak havoc!



Also with the Kraken Royale is the .96 Gal Deco, a version of the .96 Gal with the Splash Wall sub-weapon. Safety comes first with launching huge globs of ink from behind your Splash Wall, and then using your Special to push forward.



More Fresh Season additions will undoubtedly be detailed in the coming weeks. Stay spla-tuned for updates.


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