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It’s February 14th, which means more than Valentine’s Day – it’s the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance’s release in Japan in 2003! The GBA followup to the PS1’s Final Fantasy Tactics, it brings back the world of Ivalice in a new colorful fashion, though it’s not a direct sequel. Advance would get a sequel in 2006, and in general remains beloved for an entire generation of GBA owners. To celebrate, the Final Fantasy account has posted art from the game’s character designer, Ryoma Ito:



It’s always nice to see Final Fantasy appreciate its spinoffs, even if ports and re-releases of this one in particular are nonexistent. With the release of Game Boy Advance games on Nintendo Switch Online, hopefully we see it added to the service so more people can experience the tactical RPG for themselves.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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