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Over the past few years, Nintendo and Lego have shared a pretty fun relationship with a number of pretty fantastic Mario-themed sets. But one thing fans have been begging for since Lego and Nintendo teamed up back in 2020 was a Legend of Zelda collaboration of some kind. While nothing is official yet, it appears that the very first Lego/Zelda set could be coming in time for the release of Tears of the Kingdom thanks to a new leak that hit the internet earlier today. The leak itself looks to be pretty solid, and the images below appear to be taken from a Marketing Survey from Lego.


The photos come from Instagram user _michaelbricksforever_ and showcase an extremely unique 2-1 Great Deku Tree that allows builders to choose between the classic Ocarina of Time design or a newer Breath of the Wild theme. According to a post on, the set will likely contain 1,920 pieces and cost anywhere from $200-$325. Included in the set are three Minifigs, including Breath of the Wild Link and Zelda, and Child Link from Ocarina of Time. It also appears that Hestu and some Deku Babas will also be included.

Interestingly, this leak follows the news that Lego Ideas is no longer accepting submissions based on the Zelda franchise due to a “license conflict” — which could very well mean that this Deku Tree set’s release is the reason behind that decision. And who knows, we could possibly see a series of Zelda-themed sets follow.

Like we mentioned above, no official release data has been revealed, but stay tuned! We have a feeling we will see an official announcement soon.


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Written by Jason Ganos

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