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Lego Ideas is a website that’s hosted countless concepts and proposals for the famed Danish toymaker to turn into reality. Many of those submissions have been based on popular pop culture franchises, including of course Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda, which many a starry-eyed kid and adult has dreamed of playing with in brick form. But those idle fantasies may have to be cancelled, or otherwise transformed, as Lego Ideas is no longer accepting submissions based on the Zelda franchise, citing a “license conflict.”

Now this could mean two different things. First, that Lego has already struck a deal with Nintendo to produce Zelda sets, and thus doesn’t want to accept ideas. Second, that Nintendo has instead struck a deal with a different brickmaker (like Mega Blocks) and thus Lego is not licensed to make any sets at all. Unfortunately, the latter is more likely, as “license conflict” is also the stated reason for why Lego Ideas doesn’t accept Pokémon submissions (they have a contract with Mega Construx), while Lego Ideas doesn’t accept franchises like Super Mario and Star Wars due instead to “current 3rd-party overlap.”

So the implication is that some other construction toy company is making Zelda sets soon. A slight bummer, as Lego’s quality is always top of the line, but we can’t cast judgment or say anything definitive just yet. Stay tuned for any updates on when you might be able to build Hyrule Castle in your own home.



Source: Brick Fanatics


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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