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The Ver. 1.2.0 patch for Bayonetta 3 was released recently, and while it’s not an online competitive game, the folks at PlatinumGames have made a lot of little changes to the game’s parameters. Some of these include the following:


  • Tweaks to Viola’s Block and Witch Time
  • Other slight changes to specific weapons and combos
  • Niflheim stage conditions changed to lower difficulty for specific Verses
  • Obtaining Tricolor Keys to open Old Picture Book is now easier
  • Golden Treasure Chests are easier to open in stages
  • Lots of minute bug fixes
  • And more


Here are the changes made to Niflheim stage conditions:


Niflheim Stage Changed Conditions
Chapter 2 Verse 5(Casual to Expert) 120 second time limit changed to 150 second time limit
Chapter 3 Verse 4(Casual to Expert) Two lives increased to three lives
Chapter 5 Verse 2 (Casual to Expert) 150 second time limit changed to 180 second time limit
Chapter 6 Verse 8 (Casual to Expert) Two lives increased to three lives
Chapter 9 Verse 8 (Casual to Expert) 60 second time limit changed to 80 second time limit
Chapter 10 Verse 1 (Casual to Expert) 140 second time limit changed to 160 second time limit
Chapter 12 Verse 5 (Casual to Expert) One life increased to two lives


You can check out the full Ver. 1.2.0 patch notes for more detailed info. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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