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Update (1/17/23): An English version of the video showing off the basics of gameplay has finally released! It provides fans with glances at role-playing, turn-based combat, the many characters you’ll come across, and the basics for how to play the game. Learn about classes, like Magic and Pegasus Knight, and see how they might work to your advantage in battles.

You can also see how you’ll have the ability to customize your favorite characters and tweak their battle styles through weaponry all while building an army that’s completely customized to your liking!

Overall, while the video is basic in style, you can get a nice, thorough look at what to expect when Engage releases in a few weeks:




Less than a month until Fire Emblem Engage releases, and Nintendo continues to roll out promotion and videos. The latest one is for the newbies and those who needed a refresher, diving into the basics of Fire Emblem mechanics.



We won’t go too in depth yet, considering an English version is likely to release in the next few days, but even without a translation you can glean a lot of information: classic mechanics like the weapon triangle (enhanced with the new Break system), physical and magical attacks, class changing, and more are all shown off. We also get to see Anna riding a wolf, which, if you ask me, is sick as hell.

Assuming an English dub of the trailer comes out soon, we’ll cover the details then. Fire Emblem Engage launches January 20th.

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