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The Super Mario Bros. Movie finally got a proper trailer in November, and while it was stuffed with tons of references and absolutely lovely animation, it missed the one thing we were all looking for – nostalgic low-poly fidelity. Fortunately, artist and animator KingBobGaming has given us what we crave, with a remake of the trailer now rendered with blissful N64 polygons.



Obviously, some of the camerawork and effects exceed the N64’s capabilities, but there’s something quintessentially charming about seeing the models from Super Mario 64, Mario Party, and Mario Kart utilized like this. Not to mention there was clearly lots of models that had to be made just for this, such as Peach in her jumpsuit with halberd. It’s a labor of love completed in record time after the release of the trailer, and we’re amazed by the quality considering.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie releases April 7th, 2023.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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