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We’re about two months off from the release of Octopath Traveler II, and Square Enix is rolling out the character trailers. After a feature on Osvald and Partitio last month, they’ve now released one that focuses on two more characters – the bloodstained thief Throné and the carefree inquisitor Temenos – as well as Secondary Job Classes.



Throné is a member of the Blacksnakes, a thieves’ guild that manipulates the city from the shadows, committing both burglary and assassination. She sets out in pursuit of true freedom from her life of death and darkness. During the day, she can Steal items from NPCs, and at night she can Ambush them to knock them out. Temenos, meanwhile, is a laidback inquisitor who soon gets tangled up in a mystery involving the clergy. He sets out in order to unravel the truth of what’s going on. His daytime skill is Guiding NPCs to follow (for assistance in battle), while his nighttime ability is Coercing them to cough up information through fighting.

Secondary Job Classes can be assigned in addition to the characters’ fixed Primary Job Classes, changing their appearance and adding weapons and abilities that they can use in battle. You do this by obtaining Job Licenses from various guilds around the world – complete their tasks and you’ll be rewarded with one License for one character to swap jobs. If you want your party decked out in the same job class, it looks like there’ll be a lot of tasks to accomplish. 

Octopath Traveler II releases February 24th, 2023.


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