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The Game Awards proper got off to a hell of a start, revealing the followup to Supergiant Games’ (under)earth shattering rogue-like Hades. How do they follow up a game of that caliber, with beloved characters and impeccable gameplay? Well… with a direct sequel, naturally!

Hades II looks to be all that was loved about the first game and more, appearing to take inspiration from the titanomachy — or at least bringing Kronos to the setting as a core antagonist. New gods, like Apollo, and plenty of original characters are on the way. But most curious of all is our lead, Melinoë, per the video’s description (which you can view below). What is her relationship with Zagreus, and how does it all tie back to the seemingly imprisoned Hades himself? 

Time will tell, and while no consoles were announced for Hades II we do know it will be coming to Early Access much the same way as its predecessor. With how it debuted on Nintendo Switch (and received rave reviews from us and about everyone else on the planet), I truly hope to see this world return to Nintendo’s handheld hybrid. 



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Written by Ricky Berg

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