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Next year Rune Factory fans are in for a treat, with both the Nintendo DS classic Rune Factory 3 getting a remaster and a “new series” on the horizon. The former is what publisher Marvelous is focusing on right now, though, and ahead of the game’s March 2023 release in Japan a new trailer has been shared.

While the trailer runs at almost three minutes long, half of that is devoted to the various physical goodies Japanese players can expect to see when the game releases.

As for a thorough run-down of the game itself, XSEED has provided the following description:

“Rune Factory 3 Special is a remastered and expanded version of the classic RPG / life simulation title. Rune Factory 3 Special brings improved visuals for a new generation along with plenty of new features.

Rune Factory 3 Special returns after more than a decade following its original release on Nintendo DS, featuring HD graphics and redesigned 3D character models that breathe new life into a beloved entry in the Rune Factory series. Whether adventuring in dungeons, working the farm, or finding romance, experience the fantasy life you’ve always wanted.

In Rune Factory 3 Special players take on the role of Micah, a young man with the power to turn into a golden sheep-like monster known as a wooly. Rescued by a young woman after falling headfirst into the provincial town of Sharance, Micah awakens with no memories of his past and soon finds himself embroiled in a longstanding conflict between humans and monsters. Micah must work to build bridges between the races to restore peace, all while uncovering a shocking secret of his own.”

Rune Factory 3 Special launches March 2nd, 2023 in Japan while other territories can expect to see it within the same year.

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Written by Tom Brown

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