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Bayonetta 3 was released late last month to rave reviews, and many have already sunk their teeth into Platinum’s latest hit. But apparently, the game was once taking a shape somewhat different than its final result, and that was a significant reason for its long delay. As spotted by Nintendo Life, Imran Khan (former senior editor at Game Informer) has revealed that the game at one point had a more open design, to the point that Khan calls it “semi-open world”.

Essentially, the game’s design base was going to be inspired more by Astral Chain, with a very large hub world that would send Bayonetta to other locations. Khan compares it to Super Mario 64. While a lot of work went into the idea, a combination of design kinks and performance struggles led to Nintendo asking Platinum to scale it back.

The game still possesses a hub world, Thule, which is made up of smaller pieces to navigate. Khan cites that there are other vestiges of the old design left over, including certain abilities and the design of chests. It’s always interesting to hear about what a game might’ve been, and we’re sure the version of Bayonetta 3 that exists in an alternate timeline would’ve truly been notable.

Bayonetta 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.


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