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Stay fresh — sales numbers for September are in, and to the surprise of hopefully no one, Splatoon 3 reigned supreme on Nintendo Switch, splooshing all over the competition with a #1 spot on the console’s charts and a #4 spot for the month overall, ranking only behind the annual sports titans (FIFA, Madden, NBA 2k) and above The Last of Us remake and other September debuts.



One of those debuts was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection, which shell-shocked at #2 on the Switch and #6 overall. Tubular! Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R also climbed onto the charts at #10 for Switch and #8 overall, much like Joseph Joestar climbing the oil-slicked pillar so he could learn the art of hamon/ripple and battle the pillar men. YTD sales are generally static save the expected rise of the aforementioned sports titles. People really eat those up, huh.



Hope that was enough hot sales number action to satiate you wild beasts. Tune in next time for October sales, where we guess that Bayonetta 3 and NieR Automata – The End of YoRHa do pretty well.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

A writer and Nintendo fan based in Seattle, Washington. When not working for NinWire, she can be found eating pasta, writing stories, and wondering about when Mother 3 is finally going to get an official localization.