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You may or may not be familiar with Billy Mitchell, the one-time world champion of Donkey Kong and other arcade games depicted villainously in The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters who then in 2018 became a sort of IRL villain after it appeared he cheated on Donkey Kong scores, leading to his high score being removed from Twin Galaxies and him being banned from the site (and therefore Guinness World Records) indefinitely. Despite reconciling with Guinness at least, Mitchell has been embroiled in an ongoing legal battle with Twin Galaxies ever since, and apparently his situation is so bad that even his doctor of 30 years refuses to look at him.

Yes, in official, 100% genuine legal documents, Mitchell’s lawyers — who claim he’s developed a hernia and fibrillation due to the stress from the defamation — state that:


“After Twin Galaxies’ defamatory statements of April 12, 2018, one of Responding Party’s doctors, Dr. Stanley Skopit, refused to see Responding Party after Responding Party appeared for an annual examination. When Responding Party Arrived for his examination, the assistant to Dr. Skopit informed Mitchell that Dr. Skopit would not see him… the assistant informed Responding Party that Dr. Skopit read the allegations from Twin Galaxies.”


Yes, a man Mitchell knew for three decades apparently couldn’t bear to help after reading that his patient was a cheater. This is only one element in the bizarre, scattershot testimony (which you can read about with heavy bias here), but suffice to say, Mitchell doesn’t appear to be doing too well. We can only presume more zany accusations will be thrown out as the case continues, but we’re already in a pretty strange place. 



Source: Kotaku | Via: Nintendo Life


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