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Turf War and Anarchy Battles aren’t the only competitions Squids and Octos can have in Splatoon 3. The brand new Tableturf Battle card game that was announced during the Splatoon 3 Direct is finally get featured in one of the Squid Research Lab’s daily reports.




Here are those tutorial details in one spot:

  • A One-on-One Turf War… with Cards!: Tableturf Battle is a head-to-head card game where you’ll race to ink turf before running out of turns. Whoever has the most turf at the end wins!
  • Ink It All with Cards: Both players place their cards at the same time, with each able to ink a unique pattern of spaces. You get 12 turns to ink as much as you can!
  • Special Attacks Turn the Tide: Playing a Special Attack card is the only way to ink over an opponent’s spaces! Just remember you can only play them next to one of your Special Spaces.
  • Build Your Collection: Need more Tableturf Battle cards? You can get a fresh pack of cards from the catalog, the Shell-Out Machine, and elsewhere!


The official Japanese Splatoon account released a few more images, compared to its North American counterpart. They include more screenshots from the game’s “How to”/”More info” explanation hub.



These additional details include:

  • There are over 150 cards to collect.
  • Decks consist of 15 cards.
  • When playing your next card, the squares can’t overlap pre-existing placed cards.
  • If you and your opponent play cards that would overlap one another during the same turn, priority is given based on the card’s number. If both cards in play have the same number, the overlapping squares are turned into walls and cannot be covered in ink.
  • Special squares (orange for the yellow team, cyan for the blue team) are “activated” when they’re surrounded by 8 squares of your color ink. Once activated, you’ll earn a point per special square. (These special points can be used to play a Special Attack card.)


You’ll be able to collect and build your own Tableturf Battle decks when Splatoon 3 launches on Friday, September 9th.




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