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We can’t spend all our time blasting and styling. Sometimes we need to kick back and change up the flow with a nice side activity — and Splatoon 3 appears to have just such a thing in store with the new Tableturf Battle minigame, a card battle mode aping main turf war gameplay.

Tableturf Battle is a collectible card game in the world of Splatoon where you use different cards to fill in tiles on a field. One tile appears to need empty space to deploy the whole thing, but the rest can presumably cover up enemy ink once played. (The details of the game’s mechanics weren’t explored too in-depth.) There are over 150 Tableturf Battle cards to collect in the game, with each player awarded a starter deck. 



More details about the mode will come later, it seems. Check back for more details as we await the release of Splatoon 3 on September 9th.

Don’t forget to secure your copy of the game! You can check out a list of retailers you can order from in our pre-order guide.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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