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It won’t be long before the inkcredible Splatoon 3 is in our hands — and just a bit longer for the lineup of amiibo that accompany it. While details on which gear the Inkling Girl, Octoling Boy, and Small Fry amiibo contain has been hitherto mum, a glance at the Girl’s amiibo box shows us a low res image of her amiibo gear:



We can make out a big overcoat and some tawny sandals, though any headgear she might be using (presumably a small accessory like an earring or something) is too difficult to make out. We’ll have to wait for a higher res image (or, you know, the box/amiibo itself) before we can say for certain.

Splatoon 3 launches on September 9th. The trio of amiibo from the game release sometime this holiday season.

Don’t forget to secure your copy of the game! You can check out a list of retailers you can order from in our pre-order guide.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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