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Lip sync has always been a tricky business in the world of video games. We’re not even that far past the point where games had portions without synced lips at all — anybody remember Kingdom Hearts 1? Or heck, even Xenoblade Chronicles the first, which saved any lip syncing for only the really cinematic cutscenes. Both that game and its sequel had the lips synced to the Japanese audio, creating a classic bit of incongruity: but it appears the third time’s the charm for getting syncing for the English voiceover in the game.



As spotted by savvy Twitter user @SuperSavajin, the lip flaps of Mio and Sena differed in the dialogue presented in the Japanese and English language versions of the Direct, showing that there’s presumably differing lip syncs for the entire game. Hopefully that will allow the English VA performances to breathe a little more without having to worry about matching preexisting lip flaps.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 releases July 29th. 

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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