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There are many things the Xenoblade Chronicles series does well, but one of the things it does best is its music. Featuring a mixture of sweeping orchestral majesty and banging rock energy, it’s a very distinct part of what gives the series identity. Which is why it’s so exciting that Nintendo of Europe has posted a full preview of “The Weight of Life,” a dramatic new song for Xenoblade Chronicles 3.



Specifically, the song appears to be the game’s version of “Engage the Enemy” or “Counterattack,” an intense and emotional track to play during pivotal cutscenes or moments. It even contains musical leitmotifs from portions of those two tracks snuck into the score of this one. If it’s this powerful in isolation, I can’t imagine how moving it’ll be when paired with story events.

Xenoblade Chronicles releases in just over a month, on July 29th. Stay tuned for other previews as we rapidly approach the game’s release.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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