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Devolver Digital held its ever-chaotic June presentation today, which as usual was just as much if not more so about the inanity of (the now dead) E3 than actual game footage. But one of the handful of game trailers they showed off was for Cult of the Lamb, a woodland survival/roguelike game about building a cult of furry creatures out in the woods. And we got a release date too: August 11th.



The new trailer showed off its Binding of Isaac-esque mix of cutesiness and grotesqueness in aplomb, featuring cute critters engaging in cult sacrifice, demonic possession, and a host of other Satanic mannerisms — down to the titular lamb and a pig giving each other a lil’ kiss (Happy Pride, everybody). We’re excited to worship and battle various dark gods when the game releases in a couple months. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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