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After one comes two, and then three. Such universal mathematical knowledge is imparted before children hit kindergarten, but even so, there are many works that strive so you can play the second game before the first if you really want to. I mean, who here played Splatoon 2 before Splatoon 1? Heck, Star Wars Episode IV came out years before any of the first three! Which is why Hideki Kamiya, director of the first Bayonetta and series designer, has made a truly outlandish request: encouraging people to play the first two games before Bayonetta 3. What madness!



In an interview with IGN Japan (translated by VGC), Kamiya states that while Bayo 3, like Bayo 2, has a story you can enjoy and understand without having played the previous titles, it will be about a hundred times more enjoyable if you have. “I’m convinced that if you’ve played Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 you’ll find it even more interesting. So I hope you’ll [play them to] prepare yourself for the third game. If you haven’t played the first and second games, I think you’ll be missing out.”

How dare he. I watch Lord of the Rings in reverse (messed up how those hobbits dug a ring out of lava and walked back home to corrupt the land with it) and this goes against my beliefs. While Kamiya’s request is reasonable and in fact admirable, I refuse to comply with it, as is my right as an American. (Note: Kamiya-sama, if you encounter this article on Twitter or just by happenstance, it is a joke. You are making a logical request. Please do not block me. I am very excited for Bayonetta 3.)


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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